How may I help you ?

Let me be your right hand.


You just started with Flutter? You already have a couple of months experience but want to know how to improve your knowledge or project? I will be more than happy to coach you along your way.

As you can see, I love to share my knowledge and ideas!

I can just do an audit, but I love to do more…


My favourite method of doing training, is training on the job


You might want to start a project in Flutter and want your team to follow a training?

Let me be your trainer.

If you want to know what I can do at your company, let me know about it and I will make a training that fulfills your needs today.


I am available to answer any of your questions, do proof of concepts, code review or just to enforce your team with additional experience (architecture and/or development).




Let me take your requirements, analyze them and make a beautiful app to meet them all. I develop in an Agile way, with short iterative cycles and very high customer satisfaction.

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