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A little bit more about me…

Since I am 15, IT is a real passion. I started up when computers had very little memory and where each byte (even bit) counted.

Directly after my studies, I had the chance to join a famous IT Services company that gave me the opportunity to work with top performers on projects that required high skills, using novative technologies.

No doubts that I had to learn quickly and a lot.

Throughout my career (far from being over), I have been confronted to lots of challenges, technologies, frameworks and programming languages.

While during the working hours, I practiced most of the computer related positions, from a junior developer to senior architect, test manager or project manager, outside the duty hours, I kept on acquiring new skills and continued to put my hands on practical developments.

Starting with Basic, then switching to Assembly language, Pascal, C, C++, VB.NET, C#, Java, in the years 2003 I decided to start investing much time in many technologies linked to Internet and Web developments. At the same period, I became a great fan of eXtreme Programming and other Agile methodologies. In my country I was one of the very first to introduce to big companies this new way of tackling projects.

Then came NodeJS, No SQL databases (MongoDB and ElasticSearch)… What a great step forward!

Late 2017, I finalized a new website and my daughter told me it would be great to also have its mobile app counterpart. I then decided to look for a cross-platform mobile app framework to answer my requirements: one single code which could be deployed on both iOS and Android. Solutions existed: Xamarin (Microsoft), ReactNative (Facebook). I spent some time with them without being fully satisfied.

Then, I came across articles about Flutter… For me, it was directly clear. No doubt, Flutter is the future of mobile app development!

So why this site?

For so many years I have been looking for answers to issues I faced during my developments and always found people who helped me through their blogs, articles, forums that I have decided to dedicate this personal website to also provide hints, thoughts, solutions, source codes… mostly related to Flutter, Flutter Web, Dart …

During my journey through the learning curve of Flutter (and after a bit more than 2 years, I am still learning every day), each time that I will find solutions, workarounds, hints, useful links… I will strive to share them with you.

Maybe source codes will not always be the best ones but at least, if this can help someone, I will be happy.

This will be my modest contribution…

Hoping you will enjoy it.

Happy coding,